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Convergences: Rumor

"There is truth, and there is rumor. Sometimes there is truth to the rumors." --Aldo Grey.

"Truth emerges more readily from error than confusion." --Francis Bacon.

Biographical Sketch

Emet Anders, Jr. was born to Mrs. Doris M. Anders and Emet R. Anders, Sr., on March 11th, 1947 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Emet, Senior decided to make a career in the US Army after serving as a fighter pilot with the famed Tuskegee Airmen in World War II and his recall to active duty during the Korean Conflict. From 1953 to 1965 the Anders family crisscrossed the country and lived overseas in Germany and Okinawa.

Emet, Junior developed an interest in sailing, and scuba diving during his teenage years while living on Okinawa. In 1966, Emet, Junior decided to go to sea and joined the U.S. Navy as an ordinary seaman. He served aboard the U.S.S. Charles H. Roan (DD 853), a Gearing Class Destroyer, with the Second and Sixth Fleets. While in the Navy, he was trained as an Anti-Submarine Rocket Technician and cross-trained as a Sonarman. After serving the usual four-year "hitch", and attaining the rank of Petty Officer Third Class (E-4) Emet Anders, Jr., was honorably discharged January 1, 1970.

Emet Anders, Jr. embarked on a career in broadcasting after working a year for the Virginia Department of Highways as an Engineer Inspector Trainee, and between 1971 and l987 worked for a number of local radio stations in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, D-C, and the Associated Press and the Mutual Broadcasting networks.

Mr. Anders covered fast-breaking stories on Capitol Hill, the White House as well as City Hall. He covered the crime beat and the local political scene. During this period, Mr. Anders reported on a wide variety of topics and after witnessing the enthusiasm and expertise of soldiers at Ft. Belvoir during a river crossing exercise, decided to join the U. S. Army Reserve.

Interest in conflict simulation and military history led to specialization in National Security Affairs while Anders was employed full-time as a newscaster and reporter with WMAL Radio in Washington, D-C (1983 and 1985) Anders was awarded the Associated Press and United Press International prizes in "Enterprise Journalism" for his multi-part radio series, "The KGB and the Washington Target" and " Terrorism and the Washington Target". Anders also points with pride to his multi-part series for radio titled "Reforger '85: The Winter Exercise", and "Army 2001: An Investigation of the Future of the U.S. Army".

Seeking new challenges and greater opportunity, Anders left WMAL Radio in the fall of 1987 to work as a Computer Programmer/Analyst for BDM International, Inc. in Mclean, Virginia. Mr. Anders worked or TRW-Systems and Information Technologies Group and designed and implemented multi-media computer applications for the private and public sector. Anders is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Implementing and Supporting Windows NT 4.0. 

Based on the Keirsey Temperament Test, Mr. Anders' Jungian Personality type is INTP.

INTP's are likely to be logical, analytical, and objectively critical. They are usually detached and contemplative. They love to theorize and discuss abstractions and are usually mentally quick, insightful and ingenious. However, they can be insensitive to the needs of others for emotional connection. They can become cynical and negative; sarcastic and destructively critical. They can be very difficult to live with. Other than that, they are just wonderful people.

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